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A Brief Introduction to the Art Department


Art is a very popular subject at Telford Priory School and has an excellent range of facilities with purpose built art rooms and a wide range of art materials and techniques available for pupils to explore. We also have a highly skilled and supportive art technician that helps to ensure the smooth running of the department,

“Imparare a vedere” Da Vinci which means art is about learning to see is something that we firmly believe in as part of an art education.

Pupils complete sketchbooks towards the assessment objectives in art. These objectives cover all year groups and ensure pupils are well prepared for their GCSE’s.

  • AO1: Develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical understanding of sources.
  • AO2: Refine work by exploring ideas, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes. 
  • AO3: Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions as work progresses.
  • AO4: Present a personal and meaningful response that realises intentions and demonstrates understanding of visual language.

The Art curriculum

The art curriculum at TPS is broad and covers a wide range of disciplines and creative ideas such as drawing, photography, printmaking, painting, digital art, 3D art, mixed media, collage. Pupils are also encouraged to develop analytical skills when writing about their own work and contextual links.

In Year 10 and 11 pupils follow the AQA GCSE Art specification.

In Year 11 pupils have 5 lessons a fortnight and compete an exam style project based on the theme “Spill, Drop Break”. At the end of the project they have a one day mock exam in which they are required to work on their final piece in exam conditions.

Year 7 complete a baseline assessment at the start of year 7. They have one lesson a week and will then complete projects on Still Life Pop Art, 3D Graffiti and Heraldry.

Year 8 have one lesson a week and will complete projects on Tribal, Coins and Tropical.

Year 9 begin working on their GCSE Art options and have five lessons a fortnight. They will complete an extended project on “Portraits”

Year 10 have four lessons a fortnight and will complete an extended project on “Natural Forms”

Year 11 have five lessons a fortnight and will complete a mini-project on “Spill, Drop, Break” and then their final exam project with the theme decided by the exam board.

In KS4 work is assessed with a breakdown of 60% coursework and 40% exam project.


Art clubs run after school each week, please see the art department for up to date timings

We run a range of enriching visits to galleries and museums and artist led workshops as well as raising aspirations with links to colleges and universities

Homework is set in the form of multiple choice grids where pupils are encouraged to manage their time effectively to complete independent work within set deadlines

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.”

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