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A Brief Introduction to the Languages Department


Our aim is to provide the opportunity for all students to learn a Modern Foreign Language. Lessons will be based on both language and cultural studies in order to encourage awareness, understanding and tolerance of ways of life other than their own.

Through learning activities based on developing oral, listening and reading skills, we aim to increase the students’ communication in the foreign language in a variety of relevant and realistic situations. 

For many students, learning a language is a fantastic opportunity to start a new subject, so it is our priority to develop their self-confidence and powers of communication and, most important of all, to do this by making language learning an enjoyable experience for all.

Students start either French or Spanish in Year 7 which can be chosen by parents and carers through requests to the school. Students stick with one language all the way through the school as we believe that continuing with one language will benefit them more at GCSE level, if taken.


Students follow the recognized course books Studio (French) and Viva (Spanish). They study a language using 4 skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students are assessed in line with the school policy.

The following units are taught:-








Students start this course in Year 9 working towards examinations with AQA exam board for both Spanish and French. Examinations are in all 4 skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing. Papers are tiered with Foundation tier covering grades 1 – 5 and Higher tier grades 4 – 9. Each skill is equally weighted – 25%.

We use a variety of resources at KS4 and follow the AQA units in their specification.



ICT Resources@KS3

Students have access to various websites using usernames and passwords for some

ICT Resources@KS4

Students are encouraged to learn vocabulary as an essential part of their progress towards GCSE. To this end we currently use Vocab Express as a learning tool. This can be used in class and as homework (not in Year 9)

Usernames and passwords are given to students.

There are various other sites which students can access to improve:- (password needed) (password needed) (account needed)