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A Brief Introduction to the RS Department


Religious Studies at The Telford Priory School is studied for one hour a week at KS3 and three hours over two weeks for KS4.  It is essential for young people to have an awareness of themselves and others in society, whether we are religious or non-religious.  We want students to have the opportunity to grow as individuals and become more confident, understanding, open minded and empathetic citizens in the ever-growing multicultural world in which we live in.

Year 7

• What is Religious Studies?

• Who am I?

• How is belief expressed?

• How should we treat others?

• Comparative topics in Christianity and Judaism

Year 8

• What does it mean to be part of a community?

• Who are the people living in Telford? 

• How do we make choices?

• What is justice?

• Animal Rights 

In KS4 (Year 9-11), students begin their AQA Specification A full course GCSE.  They will sit two exams in Year 11, each one an hour and 45 minutes.  Paper 1 relates to beliefs and practices of Christians and Buddhists.  Paper 2 is the Christian and Buddhist views on Relationships and Family, Crime and Punishment, Life Issues and Peace and Conflict. 

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