Good News


TPS Good News Update

Updates for parents – week beginning Monday 18th Sept 2017

It was wonderful to welcome so many parents of year 4/5/6 students to our school for the Muxton parents’ open evening this week. I was so proud of our students and staff who showcased the wonderful things that our school is doing and it was lovely to meet new parents and students too! Could I remind you all of our upcoming open evening on the 2nd October. Should you know of anyone who would like to come to see our school and learn more about us, please do invite them along! All of the details are on our website and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.  

Being a good citizen and role model is an important part of the values we are working to instil in all of our students; therefore, it was fantastic this week to award two citizenship awards this week (for taking care of our school environment): well done to Kodie Kendal, Connor Vernon, Oliver Phillips and Ethan Norton.  I also met with all of our newly elected student council. Congratulations to: 

William Ness, Luke Milward, Hannah Evans, Emma Matthews, Flora Izing (Shakespeare); Bethan Oliver, Jamie Falconer. Gursimran Kaur, Lauren Rickus, Penelope Farquharson, Alicia Momi, Holly Morris (Churchill); Lewis Howe, Annabelle Dyer, Shannon Price, Jordan Bailey, Joseph Shipley, Joshua Jones (Newton) and Jennifer Massey (Elgar)

I look forward to working with this new team of students on a whole range of projects and developments within our school. Well done to all!  

Attendance at our clubs this week has been great! Thank you to everyone who is accessing these clubs. I even had a suggestion from a visitor to get a cricket club started which is something we will definitely look into! Please don’t forget that our enrichment programme is on our website and will be updated each half term. If you have any queries about clubs, do please let us know. 

The Vivos continue to pour in for students and the competition is heating up! The winners in the house competition so far are below: 

Shakespeare: 6,881; Churchill: 6,384; Elgar: 6,179; Newton: 5,856 

Well done Shakespeare house! 

The top 3 students for collecting Vivos this week are below. Well done to all! 

Churchill: Ruben Smart AMY – 30, Owen McCoy PGT – 21 and Grace Henderson AMY - 18

Elgar: Ben Evans-Tape KKY/SDY – 21, Ethan Norton EOE – 16 and Connor Vernon EOE - 15

Newton: Hermione Wharton CPE – 23, Lily Patterson MJS – 20 and Kodie Kendal SRY - 19

Shakespeare: Gurpreet Girn VGN – 53, Kathryn Harding YSH – 23 and Quinton Mashingaidze WPS/CWG - 21

Attendance continues to be good this week so thank you to everyone for ensuring their children are in school each day. The winner of the house competition for attendance this week is Elgar, just beating Shakespeare into 2nd position with Churchill and Newton in 3rd and 4th place.  Well done all! 

I hope that you all have a relaxing weekend.

Dates to note: 

Community Day (free for all) – 30th September 10am-2pm 

Open evening – Monday 2nd October 6:00pm – 8:30pm 

Thank you as always for your support. 

Stacey Jordan (Headteacher)