Athletics Championships


Congratulations to the following girls on some fantastic results at the athletics competition last Wednesday.

Year 7 – 2nd Hurdles, 4th Long jump, 4th High jump, 4th 200m, 4th relay- Finished 8th overall

Ellisa Scott

Katie Walker Burrows

Lily Williams

Teagan Norman

Rosie Lesbula

Adi Naivulu

Mary Athur

Evette Owusu

Kaci Corton

Year 8 – 1st Shot, 3rd Discus, 2nd Javelin – Finished 5th overall

Zara Payne

Shannon Price

Kacey Davies

Charlea Franklin

Alicia Momi

Year 9 – 1st Shot, 2nd Javelin – Finished 8th overall

Claudia Ducommun Rudd

Shannon Leese

Year 10 – 3rd 800m, 3rd 100m, 3rd High jump, 4th Javelin, 3rd Shot – Finished 5th overall

Sarah Tucker

Emma Jane Ransome

Kenditta Yeboah

Danielle Redding

Loren Weaver

Abbey Rogerson

Melissa Davies

Amy Pugh

Carrie Ann Earwaker

Lucy Treharne