Cambridge iGCSE English Qualification


TPS has received a few phone calls/visits from concerned parents or students regarding the validity of the English Language GCSE sat by a number of our students this summer. It would seem that one of the local colleges (New College) was not overly familiar with the qualification and felt they needed to investigate its validity. As a result, some students have the impression that the qualification does not count and that they will have to re-sit a GCSE in English alongside other courses.

Please accept our reassurance that the iGCSE is a wholly valid qualification which is recognised by Ofsted and the Government as well as further education providers. Not only this, but we feel that the course tests vital skills (oracy, summary, analysis, comprehension, creativity, use of language, writing organisation, amongst others) which equip them to move on to further education.

The Cambridge iGCSE was sat by over 210,000 students nationally this year which accounts for approximately 1 in 3 English Language entries.

We have spoken to New College about this who are now happy that the iGCSE is completely valid and an announcement will be made to new starters on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th September regarding this.

If you do have any further concerns about this, do not hesitate to contact the school.