End of Year Celebration Trips. 17th (and 18th July)


‘As we approach the end of the third year of The Telford Priory School we are delighted to advise you that a commemorative trip for Staff and Students has been organised, offering an opportunity to spend the day at one of a range of leisure venues on Tuesday 17th July and for those attaining 100% attendance (September through to May Half Term – 25th May, 2018) an option for an additional trip to Alton Towers has also been organised on Wednesday 18th July. 

This year we are offering opportunities to visit one of a number of the attractions above, click on the ‘letters link’ to read the details of each trip, including transportation information, prices and deadline dates.  Each trip is led and managed by one of our four Heads of House.  The number of places for each trip is limited, and you and your child can choose between one of four options. 

Those students who choose not to attend any trip will be expected to attend school as usual.  Likewise, students will be expected to attend school at the usual start time of 8.25am regardless as to which trip they may wish to attend.  The Airspace trip to Wolverhampton will return back to school at approximately 1.00pm.  Students will be expected to remain in school for the remainder of the afternoon and will be dismissed at 2.35pm in the usual way.  For all students participating in the trips, school uniform will not need to be worn.  Details of appropriate casual wear will be released to you in a subsequent letter.

Involvement in the celebratory trips is by invitation only, and if your child has met one of the two criterial outlined blow, they should of retuned home with an individually named letter (a white letter if they meet criteria A below; a blue letter if they meet Criteria B)

Criteria A - (between 16th April and 25th May)

No C6’s     

No C5’s given in lesson                       

Attendance 95% or above

Criteria B - (between 16th April and 25th May)

No C6’s     

No C5’s given in lesson                       

Attendance 100% or above - (specifically between September 2017 – May 2018)

If this is the case, the trip ‘return slip’ stating which end of year trip they would like to attend should of been returned to the individual TRIP LEADER, not necessarily their HoH  by the end of Wednesday 6thJune.  Your child now has until the end of Friday (8th) to ensure they are returned to one of the following members of staff.

Alternatively slips can be ‘posted’ into a returns box located at Student Reception.



Drayton Manor

Mrs Pitt

Water World

Mr Davies

Telford 10 Pin Bowling

Mrs Smith (HoH – Newton)

Wolverhampton Air Space

Mrs Young

If your child wishes only to attend the Alton Towers trip (exclusively available to students with 100% attendance all year), slips should be returned directly to Miss Styles (Assistant Principal.)


Failure to meet the extended deadline may jeopardise your child’s placement.  If this is the case, please ensure you make urgent contact with the trip leader for information.

Trip details and Prices

Trip Option 1: The Drayton Manor Theme Park, Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire

Led by Mrs Pitt (Head of Shakespeare House)

Number of places available: 200

Cost: £27.00

Approximate duration of visit: 9.30am  -  5.00pm

Trip Option 2: Water World, Stoke on Trent

Led by Mr Davies (Head of Churchill House)

Number of places available: 100

Cost: £20.00

Approximate duration of visit: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Trip Option 3: Airspace, Wolverhampton

Led by Mrs Young (Head of Elgar House)

Number of places available: 50

Cost: £12.50

Approximate duration of visit: 9.00am – 1.00pm

Trip Option 4: Ten Pin Bowling Centre, Telford

Led by Mrs Smith (Head of Newton House)

Number of places available: 50

Cost: £10.50

Approximate duration of visit: 11.30am – 3.00pm

Additional TRIP 5 Option  -  Alton Towers (18th July) – exclusive invitation for students attaining 100% attendance since September

Led by Miss Styles (Assistant Principal)

Number of places available: 80

Additional Cost: £27.00

Approximate duration of visit: 9.30am – 5.00pm

Payment for each trip

Payment for individual trips needs to be made via Parent Pay only.  Prices were included in the letter your child will have brought home to you – but are also above here on our website.

Payments can begin on Monday 11th June.  Payment ‘window’ closes on Wednesday 11th July.

A £10.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit will secure each place on the chosen trip.  May I emphasise the fact that this deposit is ‘non-refundable.’

Many thanks for your support Miss Styles (Assistant Principal/Relationships)