Holocaust Memorial Day


Holocaust Memorial Day, Friday 27th January 2017

By Year 9 students: Holly Poston, Vicky Sager and Hannah Evans, The Telford Priory School

During the service for Holocaust Memorial Day there were a number of people who shared their personal thoughts and experiences. There were two girls from Newport Girls High School who had the chance to go to Auschwitz camp in Poland. After their tour they were told by their guide “You have been to Auschwitz in 2016 but you have never really been to Auschwitz”. For us, this brought home the fact that we will never truly understand what happened to the victims of genocide.

We also heard from a woman called Eve, she described to us her and her family’s experiences of the holocaust and what it meant to her. She spoke of her aunties and cousins and what they went through and explained the impact this has had on the rest of her family. She guided us through a 1 minute silence and this was followed by an exhibition that showed things like the armbands the Jews wore. We were given the chance to wear a white rose to raise awareness of the holocaust.

Overall this was a memorable experience we will never forget.