Social Media


  • "Bait out" pages are online groups or pages that invite users to share nude images, videos or sexual gossip about others, according to Childnet read more about this disturbing trend here.

  • We have been advised that there is a new APP that is going viral among many (primary and secondary) school age pupils.  The APP is called DOKI DOKI (literature club). The game is advertised as a school dating app and does not require parental checks to download. It is a free APP and although users should be 13+ years children can easily agree to being over the age. Once downloaded, children have ready access to their own account. The APP begins as a colourful and light-hearted game but takes a sinister turn within an hour of children playing where their online friend starts to talk about depression and eventually commits suicide. The NSPCC Online Safety team are aware of the APP’s existence and information regarding the APP will be provided at future Safeguarding training to schools. It will also be shared at the next Schools’ Safeguarding Group meetings.
  • Parents Guide to Doki Doki - click here! 

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