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Every student at TPS has a range of careers-linked lessons in school, either during PSHE or through particular subject planning. This is to help students link what they are learning to their future study and/or career. We have a range of resources available for students, parents and teachers which are available in the spreadsheet below.

Resource for Students, Staff and Parents

Learning about the wide range of jobs available both in our local area and nationally, we also release a “Job of the Month” every month. This can be found here: Job of the Month

It is also important to understand about how certain subjects link to higher level learning. We also have a degree of the month, this can be found here: Degree of the Month

You can also check out the wealth of information available on Unifrog here: Unifrog

Below are some posters about various subjects you can study at GCSE and how these link to different jobs. The information might take you by surprise!