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Our Vision

“Our ambition is that all students will be able to engage and contribute meaningfully and positively in our community, society and world. They will be confident, innovative and ambitious for themselves and others, absolutely believing that they are the ‘masters of their own fate’. They will understand the complexities of life and have the necessary skills and perseverance to face these challenges positively. They will know that the world is ever changing and that they must find a productive way of being successful in it. They will know the dangers and opportunities within our world and will strive to improve themselves, reflecting on their actions and choices. Students will also recognise their rights and responsibilities. They will demonstrate excellent manners and will be respectful of themselves, their environment and each other. They will believe in themselves and the contribution they can make seeking out opportunities to improve our world, particularly helping those who are vulnerable. They will know that they are the next generation of heroes.”

Our Global Citizenship programme is delivered using the following vehicles:

  • The Global Citizenship curriculum:
    • is delivered in a series of units, relating to the three wider themes of ‘Health and Wellbeing’; ‘Living in the Wider World’ and ‘Relationships’;
    • is mapped across the five years, broadly aligned with the PSHE Association programme of study, to ensure all objectives are covered (most are covered more than once).
    • Each unit:  
      • is delivered through a discreet lesson, once a week, by tutors;
      • is taught using a range of materials from the PSHE Association and other professional bodies, as well as in-house designed resources. The booklets below are no longer used wholesale but offer a good overview of the content;
    •             is supported and promoted by Heads of Year through assemblies.
  • Assemblies
    • The set curriculum is supported through HoY assemblies;
    • It is also complemented by additional presentations/assemblies (as needed).
  • Whole school events/initiatives
    • Recognition of awareness days (eg Mental Health Week);
    • Recognition of days of national importance (eg Remembrance Day);
    • Careers events
    • Work experience
    • Drop-down mornings/afternoons
  • External provision
    • Use of external agencies (eg police, social services) as necessary;
    • Use of theatre companies to promote GC themes.
  • Subject-led content
    • Some GC themes and content are delivered in other curriculum areas (eg some aspects of sex education are covered in science lessons)

 Global citizenship expectations in lessons