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Parents Concerns

At The Telford Priory School, we aim to work with all stakeholders in a proactive manner to offer our students the best possible education whilst also serving our wider community, but sometimes, we might have to work together to resolve an issue that has arisen. Our aim is to resolve any issues in a timely and efficient manner.

As a School, we aim to work with all individuals directly to resolve any issues that arise. In the first instance, we encourage any stakeholders who have a concern to raise it directly with a member of staff at school or via one of the staff named below. All communication with regard to concerns should be e-mailed via:

Nature of Concern Point of Contact
Pastoral issues, including:
  • Behaviour; issues in Tutor Group; incidents around the school or on the way to/from school; concerns regarding uniform or equipment

Operational or Health and Safety, including:

  • Office, reception, switchboard, admission, school trip/visit or out of school hours activities
Mr D Hubbard
School Business Manager


SEND Provision

Ms N Moore

Assistant Headteacher

Curriculum related issues, including:

  • Timetable, options, issue relating to specific member of staff or lesson
Ms N Blackford Assistant Headteacher / Ms J Smith - Senior Assistant Headteacher

If, after speaking to the relevant member of staff, you feel the concern has not been satisfactorily resolved, we encourage you to escalate the issue. Please use the same e-mail:

If, after following the above informal steps you feel your concern has not been satisfactorily resolved or dealt with, you have recourse to follow the formal Complaints Policy. The table below summarises the key parts of the policy.

The School follows the Trust Complaints Policy that can be found here: Complaints Policy. The formal complaints form can be found here.

Stage of Complaint Procedure
Stage 1 - Informal Any concerns about anything to do with any aspect of the school should in the first instance be discussed with the school (as per the above points of contact), and an attempt to resolve the issue positively should be pursued, before movement to a more formal procedure. In most cases, we are confident that we can resolve any concerns or issues by simply talking through them face to face and working together to help make our provision stronger.
Stage 2 - Formal In the unlikely event that we are unable to resolve an issue during stage 1, a complaints form should be completed by the complainant - this can be found here. An investigating officer will be appointed by the Headteacher who will thoroughly investigate the complaint to enable it to be resolved.
Stage 3 - Formal If a resolution is unfortunately unable to be reached during stage 2, a letter should be forwarded to the Headteacher requesting the complaint be considered further and escalated to stage 3. All previous stages will be considered, and stage 2 will be reviewed in order to look for the best way forward.
Stage 4 - Independent Complaint Panel Hearing Following on from stage 3 if the complainant is still not satisfied, they should write to the Clerk to the Local Governors (Miss G Pleasant) and request for the complaint to be looked at by an independent complaints panel - the aim of this is to view how the complaint has been handled and whether it has been handled correctly by the school in previous stages.