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A Brief Introduction to the RS Department



The Religious Studies Curriculum at the Telford Priory School provides students with a fascinating combination of theology, philosophy and social sciences. To achieve this, students study a powerful knowledge curriculum and explore scholarship in each of the strands to develop them academically and challenge them further. From Year 7-9 students study a range of religions and worldviews and ethical issues to develop their understanding of themselves and others.  Embedded into the curriculum is the explicit teaching of the components needed both to analyse issues in Religious Studies, and to craft sophisticated responses in thought, spoken and written argument. Ultimately, through both the content and the skills that are developed across the curriculum, Religious Studies at Telford Priory School is about the invaluable development of global citizens in our modern world, helping students to leave us with a greater understanding and respect for the diverse global community they are part of.

Exam board: AQA

KS3 Big Picture

Throughout KS3 we will be studying the following units of work to develop an understanding of a range of religions and world issues:


KS4 Big Picture

Should students choose to study Religious Studies at GCSE, they will study the following units of work to develop an understanding of Buddhism (Beliefs & Teachings + Practices), Christianity (Beliefs & Teachings + Practices) and a range of controversial ethical issues: