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Report Bullying

No one is born a bully – true story.

Bullying is a learnt behaviour and not an innate characteristic of anyone. The dictionary definition of bullying is “the use of strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker people.” This is not a very nice definition if you ask us and completely inaccurate. First things first, being bullied does not mean that you are weak.

What’s more, this definition doesn’t account for many facets of bullying such as online abuse, subtle bullying within friendships such as manipulation, intimidation and social exclusion, as well as indirect bullying such as the spreading of harmful rumours, be it online or elsewhere.

Some of the most common reasons why people bully others include:

  • It’s used as a coping mechanism and response to something stressful going on in their lives
  • Because they are insecure and are trying to detract away from themselves by focusing on somebody else
  • They may be feeling jealous – instead of understanding this, they have become abusive
  • Because they are worried they won’t be accepted by their peers if they don’t do it


Another important thing to note is that for something to qualify as bullying – it is persistent. A one-off comment made about your appearance is hurtful and horrible to have to go through, but a common factor of bullying is that it is a regular and persistent occurrence that takes place over time.

There is always someone who will listen and is there to support you. You are never alone at The Telford Priory School.


The most important thing you can do when being bullied to protect yourself is to talk about it.

You can start by pressing the red button on this page and completing the Microsoft forms that will go straight to the safeguarding team once submitted. By completing this, you might be taking the first steps to overcome bullying. You will be met by understanding and non judgemental advice and support.

Alternatively, pick a friend who you trust, a family member or teacher and tell them what’s been going on. Don’t forget to tell them how it makes you feel and how long it’s been going on.

If you don’t feel like talking right now, that’s OK, there are lots of other places you can get support from. See below.

Remember, there is ALWAYS someone there to listen, and support but most of all STOP this from happening.

Other support sites:

The Telford Priory School wants children to feel safe at their school. It is so important that we do everything we can in order for this to happen. By reporting bullying, you are helping yourself or someone else feel safer within their school community. We will always deal with any reports of this kind. The pastoral team will investigate what we have been told and put the necessary support in place. We offer student log books for young people who need regular check ins to support them with enhancing their self esteem or confidence around people, but also as an extra mechanism should they need to report anything else with us. TPS also offer education to the young people who have chosen to bully others with work around their use of language and what impact their words/actions have on others. This can be a lengthy process however, it so important that young people are educated on their actions and gain an understanding that they need to take responsibility for themselves.