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OCR Example Exam Questions

In the links below you will find examples of exam questions. For each question there are a number of different level answers.

Choose the level answer that best matches your MEG. This will help you to understand how to structure your answers and what is needed for you to include to get your MEG. You may want to try to answer the question first and then look at the example!

Please note that these links are password protected and you will need your school email address and computer password to access them when prompted.

Paper 1 – Our Natural World (Physical Geography)

Paper 2 – People and Society (Human Geography)

Paper 3 – Geographical Exploration

Mark Schemes For Revision Papers

Use the links below to access the mark schemes for the revision papers you receive as part of your Yr 11 Revision Timetable.

Having attempted answering the questions you should use these to mark your papers. You should do this in a different colour and correct any mistakes or missing sections.

Each topic is broken down into the sub topics and clearly shows the page number the mark scheme refers to.

Topic 1 - Global Hazards

Topic 2 - Changing Climate

Topic 3 - Distinctive Landscapes

Topic 4 - Sustaining Ecosystems

Year 11 Revision timetable

Use the link below to access the current Year 11 revision guide. This can be used to help you in your revision for the upcoming summer exam. Each topic is broken down into 2 weeks and you will be assessed on your retention of each topic in class at the end of each 2 week cycle.

Year 11 Revision Timetable

Use the link below to access the current Student Assessment information Sheets. These can be used to help you in your revision for upcoming assessments.

Student Assessment Information Sheets

Historic Student Assessment Information Sheets

Useful Revision Links

OCR Examboard Webpage

The specification can be found under the 'key documents' tab.

Geography GCSE Revision Websites
GCSE Geography revision guides and question banks covering Rivers, Ecosystems, tourism and resources and all core GCSE Geography topics.
Geography GCSE revision section for Agriculture, Coastal Landscapes, Development, Ecosystems, Industry, Managing Resources, Mudslides, Population, River and many more.
Internet Geography....probably the best geography website on the Internet
Watch videos, play games and get revision help for GCSE Geography
GeoRevision - GCSE revision resources for pupils
Online Geography resources for KS3, GCSE