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Becoming a teacher in England

To teach in a state school in England, you must have a degree, and gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) by following a programme of Initial Teacher Training (ITT). You must have achieved minimum requirements in GCSE English, maths, and science if you wish to teach at primary-level. You can teach in independent schools, academies, and free schools in England without QTS, but it's a definite advantage to have it.

Routes into Teaching

School Direct Tuition (SDT)

With this training route, you'll be based in a school, but will also be taught by the university, college, or SCITT that the school partners with. The school won't be your employer, and in many ways, your training will be similar to other programmes in universities, colleges, and SCITTs. School Direct courses lead to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), and the majority of these training programmes also include a PGCE qualification, but not all do. If gaining a PGCE is important to you, check before applying.


Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) training programmes at a university or college are available for prospective primary and secondary school teachers. You'll get classroom experience by spending time teaching and being trained in at least two schools, as well as time at the university or college you've chosen, working with a group of other students, and being taught by university staff.

Now Teach & Teach First

Now Teach finds and supports career changers in teaching. Now Teachers bring a range of backgrounds and quality experience to the education system. What they share is a passion to do something new, which is challenging and makes a difference to young people.

West Midlands Consortium

West Midlands Consortium is an organisation that as a proven track record of success and innovation within teacher training. PGCE courses include 60 Masters Credits, School Direct Salaried and School Direct Training courses, working closely with Staffordshire University.

Teach First

The Telford Partnership – We train teachers