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Our new, rich and engaging Design & Technology curriculum covers all the transferable skills of the subject including designing, planning and evaluating, along with a range of technical knowledge found in both Design & Technology and Food Technology.

Throughout Key Stage 3, students will follow a modular programme of study that encompasses resistant materials, textiles, electronics, computer aided design and manufacture, robotics and nutrition. All the students produce a variety of projects over the course of Key Stage 3 and will cook a range of healthy meals all based around the various elements of the Eatwell plate while learning the importance of nutrition, seasonality and sustainability.

Students are able to opt to continue their learning in Key Stage 4, where we offer a full GCSE in Design & Technology and a Technical Award in Hospitality and Catering. Students are able to do either or both of these depending on their interests.

In Design & Technology, students will continue to develop and refine their knowledge and understanding to give them the skills needed to engage confidently with an increasingly diverse and technological world. Realising their own ideas, understanding design both past and present, while using their analytical skills to evaluate their own work and that of others. Students gain an awareness of how modern design and production are influenced by the environment, society, the economy and history.

In hospitality and Catering, students continue to cook regularly, deepening their understanding of nutrition and how to plan for customers to meet specific requirements and needs of individuals, while also gaining a thorough understanding of the Hospitality & Catering industry and the numerous possible employment opportunities for the future.

The curriculum is designed to give the students the skills they need to live healthy lives, as well as giving them the opportunity to develop their talents and interests, creating projects and meals they can be proud of.