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The government has been promoting higher standards of school uniform and the Local Authority, in partnership with schools, governors and unions has developed ‘Guidance for Schools on School Uniform and Dress Codes’.

The purpose of this guidance is to support the development of a school uniform policy which is sensitive to the needs and beliefs of the whole community.  Schools should act fairly and reasonably, bearing in mind their duties under the Human Rights Act 1998 and anti-discrimination legislation which are explained within this document.

It has always been our school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. 

All efforts have been made to ensure that all uniform can be bought from a range of providers at affordable prices. We have kept the buying of named items to a minimum.

The school receives student premium funding for Pupil Premium students.  It also has a school fund that may be used to subsidise the purchase of compulsory school uniform, in cases of extreme hardship.  Requests should be put in writing and addressed to your child’s Head of Year.


Our policy is based on the notion that school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school in line with our ethos;
  • Engenders a sense of community and belonging towards the school;
  • Supports positive behaviour and discipline;
  • Is practical and smart;
  • Identifies the children with the school and encourages identity with the school;
  • Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance and helps nurture cohesion between different groups of students;
  • Is regarded as suitable wear for school and good value for money by most parents.

The Uniform

Compulsory Uniform

  • Black blazer with school logo and trim
  • Black trousers or black skirt of an appropriate length (no shorts, ¾ length trousers, mini-skirts, decorative zips or embellishments)
  • White shirt or blouse (must be able to button up to the collar)
  • School tie – year colour specific (clip on only) – please refer to our website by visiting parents’ section and then uniform
  • Socks or plain dark tights
  • Plain black shoes (no trainers or pumps – shoes need to be black leather type shoes suitable for safety in school and provide a good level of protection in wet weather)


  • Plain black V-neck jumper - these are not permitted to be worn without a blazer or instead of a blazer

PE and Dance Kit


  • TPS logo polo
  • Plain black bottoms - choose from the following: shorts of appropriate length, skort, sports leggings, sports joggers. Cycling shorts are acceptable if they are an appropriate length.
  • Trainers/appropriate footwear (boots if on field)
  • Plain black sports socks
  • Gum shield and shin pads are compulsory for football, rugby, and hockey.

Optional for winter months

  • TPS logo zipped jumper OR
  • Plain black base layer/jumper allowed to be worn under TPS polo shirt

KS4 Dance:

  • TPS polo shirt or TPS black dance top


  • Swimsuit and towel 

Jewellery & Make-up

  • 1 small ring
  • 1 pair of single studs or sleepers (no larger than 10mm/1cm worn in the ears only). No facial piercings
  • Bracelets are not permitted except 1 Kara (Sikh Bracelet) and/or charity band
  • Minimal make-up can be used and it is at the discretion of the Head Teacher
  • No coloured lipstick
  • False nails are acceptable, but they must be appropriate length
  • Hair styling should be appropriate for a school setting


We understand that a minority of students push at the boundaries of uniform acceptability and parents can sometimes be left feeling somewhat unsure about the uniform required.  We hope that this will confirm in a little more detail the exact requirements that we will be expecting from all students.  It will be common practice to challenge students about their compulsory uniform and hope that this will help you to check that your child’s uniform is current for The Telford Priory School and in good condition.

We would also recommend that it is prudent to label each item of clothing with your child’s name as this avoids problems of clothing getting mixed up, particularly in PE changing rooms, and if mislaid it can be identified and returned quickly.

The Role of Governors

The Governors’ support the Headteacher in implementing the school uniform policy.  It considers all representations from parents regarding the policy and liaises with the Headteacher to ensure that the policy is implemented fairly and with sensitivity.

It is the Governors’ responsibility to ensure that the school uniform meets all regulations concerning equal opportunities.

Governors ensure that the school uniform policy helps children to dress sensibly in clothing that is hardwearing, safe and practical.

Full details of our School Uniform Policy can be found on our Policies page, please click here.

School Tie Colours

Year 7 Racing Green
Year 8 Maroon
Year 9 Blue
Year 10 Purple
Year 11 Navy Blue